SatNOGS reception comparisons.

Receiving the same satellite, at the same time with two different SDR receivers connected to the same x86/i386 debian system and running the same SatNOGS software.

The antenna's connected are at the same height and 2 meters apart.

This information also contains some experiments I am working on, at the end of the page there is an antenna design I am working on to see how well a 3 element yagi pointing straight up can be used. One is already active and second one that will have RHCP is currently being build.

Initial configuration

RX RTL-SDR Station 2176(UHF) and 2173(VHF) RX Airspy Mini Station 431(UHF)
SATNOGS_GAIN_MODE="Settings Field"
LNA: nooelec LNA: nooelec
Antenna: Winkler Spezialantennen, UHF Turnstile Antenna: Vinnant, UHF Turnstile
Frames decoded: 11 Frames decoded: 3

Switched antenna's

RX RTL-SDR Station 1696 RX Airspy Mini Station 431
Antenna: Vinnant, UHF Turnstile Antenna: Winkler Spezialantennen, UHF Turnstile
Frames decoded: 8 Frames decoded: 21
Frames decoded: 10 Frames decoded: 40

3 element Yagi antenna prototype

This antenna is currently connected to SatNOGS groundstation 2176

3 element Yagi by RA3TOX antenna.

3 element Circular polarisation Yagi prototype.

We have combined two 3 element yagi antenna and are 1/4 lambda apart, lets see how this will perform.

Setup April 23, 2022

Setup Jan 14, 2023

Left 9 elements, DK7ZB, middle 3 elements RHCP and right 3 elements linear. Follow this link to compare some receptions. The same satellite at the same time with different antennas.

Update: setup September 22, 2023

An overview of the SDR's currently in use, the outside antenna's and the stations running the SatNOGS client software.