SDR# (SDRSharp)

SDR# (read SDR Sharp) is a simple, intuitive, small and fast PC-based DSP application for Software Defined Radio. It’s written in C# with both object design correctness and performance in mind. The main purpose is to offer a simple proof of concept application to get hands into DSP techniques. Supported devices include:

  • SoftRock
  • FiFiSDR
  • FUNcube Dongle
  • FUNcube Dongle Pro+
  • I/Q wav files
  • SDR-4
  • LazyDog’s LD-1
  • SDR-IQ
  • SDR-14
  • RTL2832U / RTLSDR (external)
  • Any sound card based SDR front end
  • Any ExtIO based SDR front end



There are some nice plugins that extend the features when using SDR# I will try to add and update this list with current version and new developments.


This is not really a plugin this is a SDR# version that has this function integrated. It is a separate development with this great feature but there are signals that this function will also be part of the Frequency Manager + Scanner plugin.

The Autotuner works just like a wideband monitor. You set a threshold level and any signal that exceeds that will cause the software to automatically jump to that peak and demodulate the audio. it will even log the frequency in an Excel type spreadsheet. You can also set a “roll” span and dwell time. The dongle will jump sequentially through the range you define and autotune to each peak as they are encountered. This in effect becomes an extremely fast scanner/spectrum analyser. It’s absolutely amazing for aircraft monitoring, especially the smaller Civilian airband range. It can search the enormous Military Aircraft spectrum of 225-400 with reasonable quickness. Once the offending peaks and dead carriers in the system are deleted I can search that entire range in around 10-12 seconds.

Here is a Youtube movie that shows the options that are possible with this ‘plugin’

DDE/SDR# Satellite Tracking client:

An add-on to the excellent SDR# program which allows software to control the receive frequency in SDR# – required for best results to correct for the Doppler shift when working with satellites. It supports WXtrack, Orbitron and SatPC32. More information can be found at the following location from Satsignal.

Frequency Manager + Scanner:

Adds the following features to SDR#:

  • A collapsible panel that displays information about the frequency currently tuned in the radio.
  • An Edit dialog that allows you to add and update frequency records in the database.  15 radio settings and data fields are stored for each frequency.
  • A Browse window that lets you browse through your database, selecting and sending frequencies to the radio.  You can also filter your database 3 different ways to limit the scope of frequencies that are displayed in the browse window.
  • A Groups window that lets you define, edit, and delete frequency groups.
  • A Scanner that allows you to select either a frequency Group or a range of frequencies to scan.  Depending on your hardware you can scan up to 1000 frequencies per second.

Scanner Metrics
The Scanner Metrics plugin is an accessory to Frequency Manager + Scanner.  When scanning, the Metrics plugin records the frequencies having activity to a database.  When desired you can run reports on the stored data, producing charts that illustrate the amount of activity on each active frequency.  By this method you can determine which of the millions of frequencies you can receive actually are worth spending time on. SDR# plugins website

Satellite Doppler control:

This plugin gives you the option to control doppler shift in combination with Orbitron satellite tracking software. As far as I now this is an experimental plugin and read the readme.txt file when you want the experiment with this plugin. I have got it running with SDR# version 1114 (download plugin)

Homepage and other references:

SDR# main website
SDR# plugin list