Hardware Modem

Using a Hardware Modem

How one can decode satellite telemetry data using a Hardware modem also known as TNC.

A terminal node controller (TNC) is a device used by amateur radio operators to participate in packet radio networks. The TNC was originally developed by Doug Lockhart, VE7APU, of Vancouver, British Columbia, and popularized by the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio association with the TNC-1 and TNC-2. One of the popular protocols used when operating satellites in the kiss protocol.

Kiss protocol:

The KISS protocol is designed to be simple to implement in simple embedded devices. While it allows arbitrary data to be transferred, there is no support for flow control or error handling. Back-to-back FEND codes should not be interpereted as empty frames. Instead, all but the last FEND code should be discarded. This can be used for syncronization. If the FEND or FESC codes appear in the data to be transferred, they need to be escaped. The FEND code is then sent as FESC, TFEND and the FESC is then sent as FESC, TFESC.

AEA PK96 AFSK 1200 and 9600 FSK


Kantronics KPC 1912+ Packet Communicator

Kantronics KPC 1912+ Packet Communicator

PacComm SPIRIT-2 High Performance Packet Controller

PacComm SPIRIT-2

Symek TNC3S

Symek TNS3s

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