AubieSat-1 (AS-1 / AubieSat Oscar 71 or AO-71 )

AubieSat-1AubieSat-1 (AS-1) is an undergraduate – built CubeSat satellite developed by Auburn University in Alabama USA.

AS-1 is designed to transmit with a power of about 800 milliwatts on a frequency of 437.475 MHz, plus or minus Doppler correction [+/- 9 kHz]. The beacon signal, along with telemetry, will be sent using A1A continuous wave Morse code at 20 words per minute. Additional telemetry from the onboard science experiment will use CW transmissions up to 60 WPM.


Primary objective:
To successfully communicate data collected in space to the ground

Secondary objectives:
To successfully record measurements from a new ultra- violet (UV) sense
To provide a documentation architecture for future small satellites

Orbital parameters

Name                 AS-1
NORAD                ?
COSPAR designation   ?
Inclination (degree) 101.648
RAAN                 233.359
Eccentricity         0.0253027
ARGP                 295.263
Orbit per day        ?
Period               1h 37m 36s (97.36 Min)
Semi-major axis      ?
Perigee x apogee     ?
Drag factor          ?
Mean Anomaly         ?


437.475 MHz CW, 800mW 20wpm (for 20 sec total) Every 1 min (Unless AS-1 is in outreach mode)




Launched and activeAS-1 is scheduled to launch on 28 October 2011 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.


Every 1 min (Unless AS-1 is in outreach mode)

HI HI DE KI4NQO AUBIESAT 1 VB 3R68 SK      (Beacon includes battery voltage)

Outreach Beacon 20 wpm (for 75 sec total), Every 5 min (Only when AS-1 is placed in outreach mode)

HI HI DE KI4NQO AUBIESAT 1BT               (Initialize transmission)
FFFF BT                                    (Minutes since deployment)
01 VB 3R68 TB 39R2 BT                      (Battery voltage and temperature)
02 P1 3R68 P2 3R68 BT                      (Solar Panels 1 & 2 Max Power)
EOT DE KI4NQO 73 SK                        (End of Transmission)

Homepage and other references:

AubieSat main website.