Fuji-OSCAR 29 (JAS 2)

FO-29JAS-2 was successfully launched on August 17, 1996, by H-II rocket No.4, along with the earth observation platform satellite ADEOS, from Tanegashima Space Center of NASDA. Lift-off time was 1053 JST, or 0153 UTC, and after some 38 minutes, JAS-2 was separated.  Separation was first reported by NASDA, and then a few minutes later report of signal reception of JAS-2 was transfered to the Space Center from Showa Base at Antarctica through INMARSAT. It orbits the Earth in a polar orbit at 1300 km altitude in a time of 112 minutes. The inclination is 98°. The transmission power of the beacon is 100 mW, the transponder 1 watt.

Orbital parameters

Name                 FO-29
NORAD                24278
COSPAR designation   1996-046-B
Inclination (degree) 98.542
RAAN                 241.950
Eccentricity         0.0351436
ARGP                 103.754
Orbit per day        13.52913747
Period               1h 46m 26s (106.43 Min)
Semi-major axis      7440 km
Perigee x apogee     800 x 1323 km
Drag factor          0.000002448 1/ER
Mean Anomaly         260.297


Beacon: 435.795 MHz (CW)
Transponder: 435.800 MHz – 435.900 MHz (USB, CW)


Transponder: 145.900 MHz – 146.00 MHz (LSB, CW)

Mode and Antenna Polarization:



FO-29 Telemetry Mode-JA

Homepage and other references:

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