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Maspro WHS32N

Circularly Polarized Wave

Maspro WHS32N also known as Oscar Hunter is a Circularly polarized Wave changeover type. This cross type antenna has been specially designed to cresspond the circularly polarized wave from the OSCAR 10 Communication Satellite, and achieves far better comunication than ordinary linear polarized wave antennas. ( Manual )

Cicularly Polarized Wave Changeover Type

Since the right-had and left-hand circularly polarized wave changeover relay is incorporated, a signal can be transmitted or received in the best condition even if the satellite position is changed.

High Performance

Since the maximum gain of the transmission antenna (430 MHz band) is 13.4 dB and the maximum gain of the reception antenna (144 MHz band) is 12 dB, top quality reception is achived without the use of a pre-amplifier.

PE0SAT Antenna Setup

Maspro WHS32N Antenna
435HS20 144HS12
Frequency Range 430~440 MHz 144~146 MHz
Polarization Right-hand/Left-hand Circularly Polarized Wave
Gain 12.5~13.4 dB 10~12 dB
VSWR 1.1~1.5
Front-to-Back (F/B) 16.5~18.3 dB 20.7~22.5 dB
Beamwidth 27~29 ° 33~35 °
Impedance 50 Ω
Withstanding Power 50 W
Weight Approx. 8.7 kg (2 Antennas+Stacking Boom)
Lenght 3.68 m 4.11 m
Radius of Rotation Approx. 2.6 m
Connector N-type


Azimute: Yaesu KR-600

Elevation: Yaesu KR-500

LVB TrackerControle

Azimute and Elevation with a LVB Tracker

Pre Amplifiers

SSB Pre AmplifierSSB Electronic has been manufacturing high quality low noise preamplifiers. Eight years ago, we introduced our famous SP-2 & SP-70 Super Amps. We are now proud to introduce the next generation of 2 meter & 70cm Super Amps — the SP-2000 and the SP7000. These preamplifiers join our famous SP-6, SP-220, SP-23 & SP-13 mast mounted series. SSB Electronic preamplifiers have the highest through power and RF sensed ratings of any preamplifiers on the market today. They are the number one choice of weak signal operators world wide. Commerical versions as well as custom frequencies are available. Call us with your requirements.

I use the SP-2000 and SP-7000 for my Satellite reception. The noise level on 2m is very high and I wonder if this can ben changed, I will try to find out if this can be reduced.