Developed by the University of Southern California.


The primary payload speaks to a mission with global reach: tracking cargo containers over the open ocean with a 1-watt WiFi-like transceiver. A current tracking system for cargo containers, designed by our primary payload provider iControl Inc., is capable of identifying the container within a mile from shore, but loses all contact for the majority of the open-water journey. For both government and non-government entities, the ability to track containers in transit is highly valued. This mission uses a custom-built deployable mesh antenna, and stretches the attitude control and power generation capabilities of the Colony I bus to its limits. The secondary payload is an experimental, next-generation, radiation-hardened flight processor. The result of many government-funded research initiatives, this ITAR-controlled processor is at risk of staying in the “unholy valley” between research and development. On Aeneas, the processor will be space-qualified by performing self-diagnostic checks and reporting the results back to the ground. We hope that by raising the technology readiness level (TRL) we can provide a path to service for this high-performance chip.

Orbital parameters

Name                 AENEAS
NORAD                38760
COSPAR designation   ?
Inclination (degree) 64.670
RAAN                 83.503
Eccentricity         0.0207344
ARGP                 228.430
Orbit per day        14.81474863
Period               1h 37m 12s (97.20min)
Semi-major axis      7 003km
Perigee x apogee     479 x 770 km
Drag factor          0.000243070 1/ER
Mean Anomaly         129.883

NROL36 LaunchpadDownlink

437.600 MHz 1k2 AFSK AX.25, FM




Launched and active, but weak signals.

Latest TLE data:

Updated November 11, 2013

1 90038U 0        13315.56547375 +.00007494 +00000-0 +69725-3 0 03040
2 90038 064.6682 177.8625 0178629 168.3568 192.1787 14.83628011050950



Decode raw data using the Aeneas decoder software

$ java -jar BeaconDecoder.jar 30092012.txt

AENEAS Beacon Data Decoder
Opening file at 30092012.txt
 AENEAS Beacon TLM Packet found:
Total length: 29
Unused: 0x02 0x00 
Time: 1/1/11-6-0:9:0
Reboots: 2047
Last Reboot Cause: 0
Flash Status: 0
Bit 0 = 0 : Device is ready.
Bit 1 = 0 : Device is NOT write-enabled.
Bit3&4= 1 : All sectors software-protected.
Bit 4 = 0 : WP is asserted.
Bit 5 = 0 : Last op successful.
Bit 7 = 0 : Sector Protection Registers unlocked.
Payload Write Pointer: 3551488
Telemetry Pointer: 7729152
Radio Status: 65
No detailed Radio info yet
Misc Write Pointer: -1052436736
Done: End of stream reached.

Download Decoder Software Please send RAW telemetry information recieved to the following e-mail with “Pass” in the title of the e-mail: aeneas [at]

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