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F-1 CubeSat is an educational pico-satellite developed by FSpace laboratory, FPT Technology Research Institute, FPT University in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project started in late 2008 and plan to be completed in 2012 with the launch of F-1 into Low Earth Orbit. The satellite is 1U cubesat, carrying a low-resolution camera, a 3-axis magnetometer (developed by Angstrom Space Technology Center, Uppsala University, Sweden) and several temperature sensors.

NASA-Catalog: 38855

Orbital parameters

Name                 F-1
NORAD                38855
COSPAR designation   1998-067-CR
Inclination (degree) 51.647
RAAN                 245.096
Eccentricity         0.0013597
ARGP                 166.930
Orbit per day        15.52131184
Period               1h 32m 465s (92.77 Min)
Semi-major axis      6 789 km
Perigee x apogee     401 x 420 km
Drag factor          0.00078813 1/ER
Mean Anomaly         193.204


145.980 MHz, 1k2 AFSK AX.25, FM (operates in the dark)
437.485 MHz, NFM, CW beacon (operates in sunlight)




Launched from ISS KIBO on October 4, 2012 but no signals received.


CW Beacon interval: 20 seconds duration, repeated every 90 seconds

1 	F-1’s callsign 	  XV1VN 		
2 	OBC1 reset count  Number of OBC1’s reset since the beginning  	
3 	Temperature 1 	  temperature inside F-1, OBC board 
4 	Temperature 2 	  temperature outside F-1, Y- side 	 	
5 	Checksum bit      0 if summary of items #2 to #4 is even, 1 if it is odd

AX.25 KISS packet telemetry and interval: one burst of 3 telemetry packets in KISS format every 30 seconds (interval configurable)

1 	dd/mm/y    hh/mm/ss
2 	Battery voltage         (divide by 100 to get actual value) 	
3 	Solar cells voltage     (divide by 10 to get actual value) 
4 	Temperature 1 	side 1, Y+ 	
5 	Temperature 2 	side 2, Y- 	
6 	Temperature 3 	side 3, X- 	
7 	Temperature 4 	side 4, Z+ 	
8 	Temperature 5 	side 5, Z- 	
9 	Temperature 6 	side 6, X+ 	
10 	Temperature 7 	inside side 5, Z-
11 	Temperature 8 	inside, under VX-3R1


F1 Structure

  • Total 112 bits = 14 bytes * F-1 periodically sends a burst of 3 telemetry packets with the same content, to avoid loss of packet
  • Time in UTC, 24 hours format
  • Year count starting from 2012 (2012 equals 0, 2013 equals 1 and so on…)
  • Battery voltage reading is accurate to 0.01V, values are multiplied by 100. Divide by 100 to get actual value.
  • Solar cells voltage reading is accurate to 0.1V, values are multiplied by 10. Divide by 10 to get actual value.
  • Temperature readings from sensors, will be added with 100 before transmission to ensure a positive number so please subtract 100 to get actual value 112 bits, divide to 14 chunks of 8 bits, each chunk becomes one byte

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