FASTRAC 1 “Sara Lily” – FASTRAC OSCAR-69 (FO-69)

FastracThe FASTRAC satellites were built by students at the University of Austin. Both satellites are initially connected and weighs 28.5 kg. After completion of the official mission to both satellite for amateur radio released and can be used as FM digipeater. The two satellites were used as part of the STP-S26 mission started on 20/11/2010 at 01:24 UTC by Kodiak, Alaska on a Minotaur IV rocket, Boord. All of this satellite mission launched in a 650 km high, circular orbit with 72 ° inclination. FAST1 and FAST2 were separated on 22/03/2011 at 11:35 UTC from each other and fly independently since then.

Name                 FO-69
NORAD                37227
COSPAR designation   ?
Inclination (degree) 71.969
RAAN                 94.361
Eccentricity         0.0014766
ARGP                 28.878
Orbit per day        14.76727385
Period               1h 37m 30s (97.50 min)
Semi-major axis      7018km
Perigee x apogee     629 x 650 km
Drag factor          0.000171930 1/ER
Mean anomaly         331.319


437.345 MHz 1k2 AFSK, FM


145.980 MHz AX.25 1k2 AFSK, FM
145.825 MHz AX.25 9k6 FSK, FM




Not active. Active, every 3 minutes a 1k2 beacon signal

Homepage and other references:

The University of Texas, fastrac team.