I received data from RS-40

Data received from RS-40

After I had heard that RS-40 was successfully launched, it was obviously that we where going to try and receive the signals from this new satellite. The first attempt failed because the satellite wasn’t in range of its groundstation. This attempt was made on 28-Juli-2012 in the beginning of the evening.

Today 29-Juli-2012 we tryed again during the pass of 12:30 UTC and recorded some fine signals. I used the data that belongs to Object D. The signal strength varies from 7 to 9 20 db. Switching between RHCP and LHCP can improve the signal strenght with multiple db’s.

Object D
1 38736U 12041D   12211.25399548  .00000010  00000-0  00000+0 0    88
2 38736 082.4798 356.4583 0017226 312.8533 047.1129 12.42642075   135

The first signals, switch between the two downlink frequencies, when the signals stop on 435.265.000 MHz FM they start again on 435.365.000 MHz FM. After about six minuts the patern changed and there where only signals on 435.365.000 MHz FM. When you listen close there is a difference between the pattern from the first recording and the second. Something that can’t be seen after the recording, is the fact that the signals of the first pattern have a higher bandwidth, and therefore likely to have a higher baud rate.

First pattern Spectrum:

RS-40 First-Pattern 29-Juli-2012 12:30 UTC

First pattern Audio:

Second pattern Spectrum:

RS-40 Second-Pattern 29-Juli-2012 12:30 UTC

Second pattern Audio:

Update: Found a third signal pattern (29-Juli-2012 14:30 UTC)

Third pattern Spectrum:

RS-40 Third-Pattern 29-Juli-2012 14:30 UTC

Third pattern Audio:

Update 10-aug-2012:

Doppler shift measurements show that RS 40 (alias Yubileiny 2, alias MiR) is object 38735 (2012-041C). This is now also confirmed by Space-Track. Thanks PA0DLO for this update in the Amsat-NA mailing list.

1 38735U 12041C   12222.44615412 +.00000024 +00000-0 +10000-3 0 00171
2 38735 082.4779 349.4791 0016140 289.5665 070.3671 12.42553955001539

If there are people that can give me some extra information regarding this new satellite, please send me an email via the contact page. Information about the team that built the satellite, the ground and decoding software is very welcome.