CUSAT and DANDE TLM 10-10-2013

CUSAT Telemetry 10-10-2013 18:00 UTC (Max elevation 21 degree – Object B)
DANDE Telemetry 10-10-2013 18:04 UTC (Max elevation 22 degree – Object C)

Lets start with DANDE, Object C is still working great and I have good number of frames received and decoded. Download the kiss data at this location.

Looking at CUSAT, I listened to CUSAT for about 4 minutes and made a IQ recording so I could try some analysis after this pass. One thing that was better then before, and that’s the signal strength this evening. So started the AX25 AFSK sound modem and tried to decode some data. This wasn’t working, no data could be decoded by the sound modem from UZ7HO in combination with AWG Kiss Online. After the pass I toke the IQ file and did some further analyses. I tried both MiXW and UZ7HO but couldn’t decode anything. Maybe somebody can give it a try, the IQ file will be available at the following download location: CUSAT Data.

It seems as you can see in this image the signal is strong enough.

CUSAT SDR 10-10-2013 18:00UTC

But one thing that could be making it difficult, and that’s the tones, it seems that they aren’t 1200 and 2200 hertz but slightly of. And another thing that got my attention when playing back the IQ file, is the fact that seems to take an amount of time before the tones are locked at there final frequency.

CUSAT AX25 10-10-2013 18:00 UTC