ESTCube-1 Telemetry

ESTCube-1 has started downloading a new image that it has taken with the onboard camera. I’m going to try once again to decode the image data. One of the problems I face, is a strong local generated carrier on 437.495 that makes it impossible for me to decode all the data during a pass.

ESTCube-1 29-07-2013 11:35UTC

There is a new decoder version that is also able to generate the image. Take a look at the software page from Mike DK3WN. (

Information about my latest pass:

Date and Time: 29-07-2013 11:35 - 11:47 UTC
Object       : ESTCUBE-1 - 13021C
Max elevation: 46 degree
Azimuth      : 008 - 213 degree
Polarization : LHCP Because of the carrier at 437.495
Signal       : max 25 dB above noise
Frequency    : 437.505000 MHz FM +/- Doppler
Status       : Active
Remark       : Interference from a local generated carrier

Kiss file generated between 08:24 – 11:47 UTC: ESTCube-1_29072013_0752.kss