MASAT-1 deorbiting

Dear Radio Amateur / Masat-1 Packet Committer,

Masat-1 ModelWe would like to hereby thank you for supporting our work in the last almost three years by receiving packets of Masat-1 from space. Furthermore, we would like to call your attention to the upcoming deorbiting. Masat-1, the first Hungarian satellite is expected to end its successful mission by burning while entering the Earth’s atmosphere at the beginning of January (current forecast predicts 11 January). The last days and hours of the satellite are especially important for us, providing valuable data for our upcoming endeavours, therefore we would like to keep a close eye on the satellite during the final stage of the mission. For this, we need the help of all those who have already received Masat-1, as the last moments of the satellite’s life may happen anywhere around the Earth. Who will receive the last packets of Masat-1? Following the final moments we will provide an answer to this question, and we also plan to publish a statistics of those stations who received the highest number of packets during the last 168 hours of the mission.

We have published the current version of the JAVA client software on our website.

Wishing you all the best and Merry Christmas, The Masat-1 Development Team.


Deorbit prediction made by DK3WN.