UWE-3 Beacon message

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1:Fm DP0UWG To DD0UWE [11:34:01R] Statistic 2014/06/03:
Rainer=2110 JA6PL=1416 JA1GDE=1127 DK3WN=948 VK5HI=904
EU1XX=666 LU4EOU=615 R4UAB=567 PE0SAT=372 IW0HLG=240
JA0CAW=229 JO1PTD=125 ON4HF=77 JA5BLZ=18 JE9PEL=6 PY4ZBZ=5 
1:Fm DP0UWG To DD0UWE  [11:36:01R]
UWE-3 News: Successful software update in space +++
New beacon features available soon +++ 
Thanks for your great support of UWE-3 +++ 
Following now the insertion statistics from 2014/06/03 +++
1:Fm DP0UWG To DD0UWE [11:36:12R]

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