FOX-1A Received

FOX-1A Received 08-10-2015 17:24 UTC

Preliminary TLE

1 99991U          15281.53437500  .00015000  00000-0  15577-2 0 00007
2 99991 064.7657 291.6733 0216428 282.3758 182.7688 14.73895519000016




2 thoughts on “FOX-1A Received

  1. Great to see you decoding Fox Data. The telemetry above is from the test records though (reset 44, uptime 260). The satellite is currently in reset 0. You can manually remove the test records from the payload files. Only the files Fox1rttelemetry.log, Fox1maxtelemetry.log and Fox1mintelemetry.log will contain the test data. Each line starts with the UTC date and then the FoxId, reset, uptime. Remove any rows with reset 44 (or a reset greater than zero at this stage). There should only be 2 or 3 rows. Or you can delete the files from the File menu. But that seems a shame.

    • Thank you for the update Chris,

      Jerry also gave me this information, so I deleted the files.
      The new data that is received and uploaded during the 08-10-2015 20:47 pass is after the delete so that info should without test records.


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