PI9CAM active during the Jamboree

Camras Dish Dwingelo The NetherlandsDuring the Jamboree on the Air, PI9CAM will be active mainly on RX. We will run the WebSDR on 70 cm and on 23 cm. On 70 cm several small 70 cm JOTA stations will try to see their signal on the moon via our WebSDR. We hope to run the system both nights (October 14/15 and 15/16). During the second night we will also be able to TX, so if JOTA activity gets low we can make some EME QSO’s. Look for us on the HB9Q loggers. Team PI9CAM

Update: Nov 26, 2011

The use of the dish in Dwingeloo was a great success during the Jota 2011. You can read the complete article on: camras.nl