André Kuipers active as PI9ISS

Ham Radio PI9ISS Andre-Kuipers

This evening PI9ISS (André Kuipers) was active from the ISS space station. The signal was loud and clear but there were many stations that wanted to make a connection so for me this time it wasn’t possible to make a connection. During the pass at 19:30 CEST we will give it another try.


145.800 MHz (FM)


145.200 FM MHz (FM)

4 thoughts on “André Kuipers active as PI9ISS

  1. Hi Andre,

    I follow you from day one and am very enthusiastic about your work. Tell it to others and have only one goal coming months, make a qso with PI9ISS. Finally after studying hard which is not really my thing (I am more of a practical man) I got my license. My first goal is to make a QSO with the ISS. Well finally, you have time to be active with hamradio on the International Space Station. Hope to hear you soon! Kind regards and good luck I will continue to follow you.

    Thetmar the PD5TW

  2. Hi André,

    Heard you loud and clear yesterday and today 22.04.12 during the passes over Europe. Great to have HAM spirit in space! Unfortunately I could not reach you with my Vertical 12el log per antenna. I hope for more luck during the next passes. Good luck for your mission and we all hope that you still have some time for being on the air for us. Cive our regards to the whole crew vy73 de Thomas DG1TRF Hilgertshausen Germany loc JN58QK22NG = 11.3548E,48.4261N

  3. Hi Andre,
    evening 17-06-2012, 22:25.
    Your report 5/5 strong modulation,
    operator: Marek
    callsign: OM8AXE, Slovakia.
    Rig: Yaesu FT-8900
    PWR: 50W,
    ANT: Diamond X-30,

    VY 73,55 Good luck

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