André Kuipers active as PI9ISS

Ham Radio PI9ISS Andre-Kuipers

This evening PI9ISS (André Kuipers) was active from the ISS space station. The signal was loud and clear but there were many stations that wanted to make a connection so for me this time it wasn’t possible to make a connection. During the pass at 19:30 CEST we will give it another try.


145.800 MHz (FM)


145.200 FM MHz (FM)

André Kuipers ready for takeoff

The dutch astronaut André Kuipers is ready for takeoff.

Andre Kuipers in space

Another two days and then for the second time Andre Kuipers will leaves to the International Space Station. A historic journey, because Kuipers will break various records. Thus he becomes the first Dutch astronaut in space for a  long time, which is nearly six months. He is also the first Dutch astronaut who is launched for a second time. Other Dutch astronauts – Dr. Ockels and Louis van den Berg were “only” launched once.

As it looks now, the launch is on. The rocket is already on the launch pad and the sky over Baikonur space base is crystal clear. “Although it is very cold, so spectators should properly protect” warns Kuipers on his blog

In recent days there were many preparations for the voyage. Andre Kuipers and his colleagues had to inspect the Soyuzcapsule for the second time. This capsule brings Kuipers to the ISS. “We are very pleased. In a few days, this is will be our living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and attic for two days. Actually, it is also the hall – with the door – to our realhome for half year: the International Space Station. ”

The launch of André Kuipers can be seen live next Wednesday 21-dec-2011 on dutch television channel: Netherland 1 (13:20 pm to 14:45 o’clock CEST). You can follow Andre on any of his social media (Twitter or Facebook).

During his stay in the International Space Station, radio amateurs will have the opportunity to make a voice contact. Andre will be using the call PI9ISS and will use the following frequencies:


145.800 MHz (FM)


145.200 MHz (FM)

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