Restoration PI9CAM

Restoration PI9CAMThe dismantling of the dish in Dwingeloo has started. Today, the dish would be lifted only by an error in the calculation of the weight is was not successful. The starting points of weight are not correct and there is more than 40 tons of force needed to be able to lift the dish.

Source: (www.camras.nlThe lift of the mirror is delayed for a few hours. They could not move the 25 meter-wide mirror of the telescope says Andre van Es (Chairman CAMRAS). The dish appears to be heavier. There is always assumed that the mirror weighs 30 tons. With a reserve of 30% would pull the mirror at 38 tonnes in motion to come. But this still seems to sit stainless. There are first extra counterweights invoked to stabilize the crane. Then tonight a new attempt in which the tensile force is increased. My biggest concern is distortion of the mirror and the stability of the goat as the mirror is much heavier than the 38 tons that already takes, says André van Es. See also RTVDrenthe (Dutch comment).