CubeBUG-1 faint audio

27-04-2013 18:55 UTC

The first pass was 8 minute with max 5 degree elevation. Signals where stronger when using LHCP. Signal strength 10db above noise. Not possible to decode the AX25 1200 data. Frequency used: 437.438400 MHz FM

27-04-2013 20:29 UTC

The second pass was 12 minute with max 30 degree elevation. Signals where stronger then the one from 18:55 max 20db above noise. You can even see and hear some audio tones but unable to decode.

CubeBUG-1 27-04-2013 20:29 UTC

CubeBUG Audio Spectrogram 20:29 UTC

For those who want to experiment with my received data, you can download the IQ file that I recorded with SDR# on the following location: 27-04-2013 20:29 UTC 16bit PCM IQ file