First three launched

The first three are launched from the Kibo module.

ISS Kibo ModuleThe cubesats: Pico Dragon, Ardusat-1 and Ardusat-X are successfully launch from the Japanese Kibo module. TechEdsat will be launched tomorrow from the same module.

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita heard and recorded the CW signals from PicoDragon. The satellite transmits on 437.250MHz with CW modulation. Here a link to the recording from JE9PEL listen to Pico Dragon.


Video is no longer available

The latest update 19-11 20:00 UTC: Pico Dragon frequency offset was around +3.0 to +3.5 kHz. A powerful & clear signal. Decoding CW was even possible in low EL(6deg).

[PE0SAT Thanks JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita for the above information]