Phonesat Telemetry received

Phonesat modelPhonesat Telemetry Received
April 22, 2013 13:20 UTC

Radio settings:

  • Call sign: KJ6KRW
  • Frequency: 437.425 MHz
  • Modulation: AX-25 AFSK
  • Data Rate: 1200 bps

If you want to decode the data that you receive, go to the site and use the online decoder. The data is in ASCII85 format.

Phonesat Reception 22-04-2013 14:55UTC

Here is a part of the data that I received:

RAW data:

1:Fm KJ6KRW To CQ Via TELEM  [15:17:30R]

RAW data: KJ6KRW-1

1:Fm KJ6KRW-1 To CQ Via TCPIP  [15:23:46R]

Decoded data: KJ6KRW-1
PhoneSat-KJ6KRW-1 22-04-2013 13:20UTC

RAW data: KJ6KRW-2

1:Fm KJ6KRW-2 To CQ Via TELEM  [15:18:42R]

Decoded data: KJ6KRW-2
PhoneSat KJ6KRW-2 22-04-2013 13:20UTC

I want to congratulate the team with the successful launch and deployment of the Phonesat Satellites.