AESP-14 Deployment

AESP-14-CubesatFirst Cubesat Developed in Brazil.

PY2SDR has confirmed the deployment of AESP-14 from the International Space Station at 14:30 UTC on Thursday, February 5.

The AESP-14 team would like to ask the help of the AMSAT community to forward any received telemetry frames back to the team. For this, please save the AX.25 frames in KISS format and forward the file to aesp14 (at) Telemetry format can be found at this location: AESP14-Telemetry Format.

AESP-14 CubeSat
Frequency: 437.600 MHz 9k6 AX25

After launch we can use the TLE data from ISS.

Source: Amsat-BB