Delta-2 launched

The Delta-2 with on board four cubsats: FIREBIRD II-A & B, GRIFEX, ExoCube is finally launched from SLC-2W Vandenberg.

Delta-2 Launch

Grifex labGRIFEX public ground station software can be downloaded at:
MXL Blog with the latest updates can be found at: Michigan Exploration Laboratory, GRIFEX operation

GRIFEX, the GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment, is a 3-Unit CubeSat that hosts an engineering experiment setting out to demonstrate an all-digital in-pixel high frame rate Read-Out Integrated Circuit developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Firebird-2 information: SSEL
EXOCube information: PolySat


AESP-14 Deployment

AESP-14-CubesatFirst Cubesat Developed in Brazil.

PY2SDR has confirmed the deployment of AESP-14 from the International Space Station at 14:30 UTC on Thursday, February 5.

The AESP-14 team would like to ask the help of the AMSAT community to forward any received telemetry frames back to the team. For this, please save the AX.25 frames in KISS format and forward the file to aesp14 (at) Telemetry format can be found at this location: AESP14-Telemetry Format.

AESP-14 CubeSat
Frequency: 437.600 MHz 9k6 AX25

After launch we can use the TLE data from ISS.

Source: Amsat-BB

Delta-2 SMAP launch sequence

Delta-2 SMAP LaunchNew Delta-2 Cubsat ppod launch sequence.

Based on todays schedule and the fact the launch is delayed for 24 hours, then the below schedule should be the correct sequence for tomorrow 01/30/15 14:20:42 UTC. Latest news on the SMAP launch: Spaceflight101.

Below the Cubsat deploy and activation details for Exocube (CP10), Firebird-2 and Grifex.

Event Elapsed (min) Time (UTC)
Launch 0 1/31/15 14:20:42
Firebird-2 deploy 105 1/31/15 16:05:49
Grifex deploy 107 1/31/15 16:07:29
Exocube (CP10) deploy 108 1/31/15 16:09:09
Firebird-2 Beacon start 165 1/31/15 17:05:49
Grifex Beacon start 172 1/31/15 17:12:59
Exocube (CP10) Beacon start 308 1/31/15 19:29:09

Source: Amsat-BB

CubeSAT launch 29-01-2015

Exocube CP-10CubeSat launch scheduled for Jan 29, 2015 14:20 UTC from Vandenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex with a Delta-2 rocket.

Primary payload: Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) secondary payload: ELaNa-X (3 POD)

Firebird-II FU3         437.405 MHz 19k2 FSK
Firebird-II FU4	        437.230 MHz 19k2 FSK
GRIFEX                  437.485 MHz 9k6 FSK
Exocube (CP-10)         437.270 MHz 9k6 FSK

Preliminary TLE

1 99993U 00000    15029.59770833 -.00001134  00000-0 -64350-4 0 00004
2 99993 099.0736 036.6690 0163275 344.1705 144.7582 15.02264856000014
1 99991U 00000    15029.59770833 -.00001191  00000-0 -74412-4 0 00005
2 99991 099.0666 036.7936 0148155 343.1200 146.2345 15.00731451000019
1 99992U 00000    15029.59770833 -.00000939  00000-0 -53803-4 0 00006
2 99992 099.0410 036.6726 0153788 343.4726 145.2471 15.03079548000011

Source: SatBLOG DK3WN

Launch Shin-en2 and ARTSAT2 postponed

shin-en2Update: Shin-en2 and ARTSAT2-DESPATCH has been postponed again. JAXA announcing; Launch date Shin-en2 and ARTSAT2-DESPATCH has been postponed again in December 3 04:22:04 UTC. Soon, there will be a press release.

Update: New launch information, H-IIA F26 Hayabusa2 Launch Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa2” Launch Live Broadcast 03:30UTC- Dec. 1. Live

Launch Postponement of H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 26 with Hayabusa2 Onboard

The launch of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 26 (H-IIA F26) with the Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa2” onboard has been rescheduled as clouds including a freezing layer (please refer to the following figure) that exceeds the restrictions for suitable weather are forecast to be generated at around the scheduled launch time on November 30 (Sun.), 2014 (Japan Standard Time.)
The new launch day will be no earlier than December 1 (Mon.), 2014 (JST).

The new launch day and time will be announced as soon as it is determined after carefully examining the weather conditions.

Official pres release.