XW-2(CAS-3) Launch information

XW-2 (CAS-3)

Update: The launch is postponed by one day due to technical reasons, next launch window will be at 19-09-2015 23:00:00 UTC.

Launch time: 18-09-2015 on 23:00:00 UTC
Satellite rocket separation: 18-09-2015 at 23:15:14 UTC

1 99999U          15262.96885748  .00004985  00000-0  28395-3 0 00005
2 99999 097.4712 270.8252 0010383 266.0522 270.6644 15.12847565000015

SatPC32 doppler.sqf

XW-2A,145640,0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,XW-2A Telemetry FSK
XW-2A,145660.08,0,CW,CW,NOR,0,0,XW-2A Telemetry CW
XW-2A,145675,435040,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,XW-2A Transponder
XW-2B,145705,0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,XW-2B Telemetry FSK
XW-2B,145725,0,CW,CW,NOR,0,0,XW-2B Telemetry CW
XW-2B,145740,435100,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,XW-2B Transponder
XW-2C,145770,0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,XW-2C Telemetry FSK
XW-2C,145790,0,CW,CW,NOR,0,0,XW-2C Telemetry CW
XW-2C,145805,435160,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,XW-2C Transponder
XW-2D,145835,0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,XW-2D Telemetry FSK
XW-2D,145855,0,CW,CW,NOR,0,0,XW-2D Telemetry CW
XW-2D,145870,435220,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,XW-2D Transponder
XW-2E,145890,0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,XW-2E Telemetry FSK
XW-2E,145910,0,CW,CW,NOR,0,0,XW-2E Telemetry CW
XW-2E,145925,435280,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,XW-2E Transponder
XW-2F,145955,0,FM,FM,NOR,0,0,XW-2F Telemetry FSK
XW-2F,145975,0,CW,CW,NOR,0,0,XW-2F Telemetry CW
XW-2F,145990,435340,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,XW-2F Transponder

Source: Alan Kung, BA1DU (Amsat-BB)

XW-2 Rocket separation 18-09-2015 23:15 UTC (19-09-2015 01:15:00 CEST)


XW-2 First pass over my ground-station 19-09-2015 07:17:59 CEST


4 thoughts on “XW-2(CAS-3) Launch information

  1. It seems that the checksum of the first line of your TLE file is erroneous.
    For me, the line should ends with the number 2 (and not 0).
    Have you added +1 for the – character ? It looks like not ?

  2. hello
    Same problem with your research.txt.
    The checksum of the first line of XW-2 is erroneous.
    The last character of the line must be a “2”, not a zero !
    All the others satellite TLE are good but the XW-2 is not OK.
    Remember how the checksum of is computer :
    – Add all the figures of the lines except the last one which is the checksum
    – Add +1 for the sign “-”
    – Add +2 for the sign “+”
    – Nothing for the other characters (letters …)
    – Keep the unit figure of the result ( x modulo 10).
    – The 69th character of the line must be equal to this figure.
    From where did you get this TLE of XW-2 ?

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