SDR# UDP Audio Stream plugin

SDR# UDP Audio Stream PluginThis was something I was looking for, for a long time. The plugin makes it possible to stream the demodulated SDR# audio via UDP to another program that is listening on that specific TCP/IP address and UDP port. The same function was already available within GQRX. This for example makes it possible to receive and demodulate satellite telemetry and send it to GNURadio where the final telemetry decoding will be done.

The plugin consists of two files and the magic line for the SDR# plugin.xml file.

NAudio.dll and SDRSharp.UDPAudio.dll

Magic line: <add key=”UDPAudioPlugin” value=”SDRSharp.UDPAudio.UDPAudioPlugin,SDRSharp.UDPAudio” />

Source: UDP Audio Stream plugin