Prism Ham radio service is active

The last prism mission is now active. This is specially for Ham radio operators. PRISM’s downlink has been received among amateur radio operators since the launch of PRISM. This HAM Radio Service allows amateur radio operators to uplink messages to PRISM as well as downlink messages from PRISM. In other words, amateur radio operators can use PRISM as a message box.

Prism Ham Radio Service

In this HAM Radio Service, you can write messages onto PRISM’s on-board memory via FM packets uplink. Also you can command PRISM to downlink the stored messages in FM packets. Thus, PRISM can be used as a kind of message box. Also, you can evaluate FM packets performance of your ground station designed for amateur radio satellites.

The followings are three commands you can use:

  • Information Command : Read latest ID of written messages.
  • Write Command : Store your message into PRISM.
  • Read Command : Read a message of designated ID.

Homepage and other references:

Prism Ham service website.