AO-27 update 07-07-2015

AO-27 active update.

Update: It isn’t active yet!

It has not yet been recovered. The command team turned the transmitter on to test it out on June 28th, but they still need to upload the secondary boot-loader and then the high level code necessary to operate the satellite. The issue in the past has been that the satellite crashes when they try to run high level code. We will see if they’ve managed to work around that problem (probably radiation damage to a section of the satellite’s memory).

Please do not transmit unless you hear the FM repeater functioning. Any interference while the command team is attempting to upload new code will significantly prolong the recovery process.

Source: N8HM (07-07-2015 12:48 UTC)

Amrad Oscar AO-27 PreFlightAfter I had read the news on the Amsat-BB about AO-27 being active again, I visited the AO-27 website and found the following information.

June 28, 2015:
AO-27 Turned on today. Seems good on the bootloader. If anyone has contacts into CelesTrak to get AO-27 back into the amateur.txt file it would help some of the control operators stations. Our e-mails have gone unanswered.

  • Michael, N3UC
  • Dan, KM4HZJ
  • James, N3UCC

April 18, 2015:
AO-27 Turned on today. Uploaded Secondary boot loader

  • Michael, N3UC

April 12, 2015:
Turned on High power to check power output. Looks good.

  • Michael, N3UC

Lets listen for the satellite, decode some telemetry and pass it on to the operators so they have a clear idea about the health of AO-27 (EYESAT-1). Don’t transmit unless you hear the FM repeater functioning.

Current Space-Track TLE:

1 22825U 93061C   15186.11965546  .00000058  00000-0  40075-4 0  9999
2 22825 098.7096 136.2347 0007264 255.0254 170.5745 14.29889618135507



Analogue Low  = 145.850MHz Up <==> 10mW 436.797MHz Down
Analogue Med  = 145.850MHz Up <==> 500mW 436.797MHz Down
Analogue High = 145.850MHz Up <==> 4W 436.797MHz Down

Digital Low   = NO Up          ==> 10mW 436.797MHz AFSK 1200bps Down
Digital Med   = NO Up          ==> 500mW 436.797MHz AFSK 1200bps Down
Digital High  = NO Up          ==> 4W 436.797MHz AFSK 1200bps Down

AO-27 recovery operations are underway

Amrad Oscar AO-27 PreFlightLet’s keep our fingers crossed

As of Oct 5, 2012 AO-27 is off-line and the groundstation team is working on a possible solution as one can read on the AO-27 website. After a long periode of silence I was pointed out by N8HM that there was news on the AO-27 website.

Oct 29th, 2013
Recovery operations are underway again for AO-27.
We will try to keep the website up to date with any infomation.
– Michael, N3UC

[PE0SAT Wants to thank N3UC, N8HM and Amsat-BB for the above information]