FO-29 FM Signals

Listening this evening to FO-29 with my SDR receiver and saw a lot of FM Signals in the pass band. What a waste of space. Below an audio recording. I have no idea what language this is and where it is coming from.


This audio is just one of as you can see a lot of FM signals in the pass band. I guess this is also not healthy for the satellite.

FO-29 close approach

FO-29Space debris close to the FO-29

The United States Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) has identified a predicted conjunction between JAS 2 (SCC # 24278) and SCC # 10470.

Primary Object: JAS 2 (SCC # 24278)
Secondary Object: SCC # 10470
Time of Closest Approach: 23 NOV 2012 23:38 UTC

Overall miss distance: 984 meters
Radial (dU) miss distance: 174 meters
In-Track (dV) miss distance: 690 meters
Cross-track (dW) miss distance: -680 meters

Primary Radial Error (U): 14 meters
Primary In-track Error (V): 104 meters
Primary Cross-track Error (W): 16 meters

Secondary Radial Error (U): 25 meters
Secondary In-track Error (V): 350 meters
Secondary Cross-track Error (W): 11 meters

JSpOC Orbital Protection Team

Joint Space Operations Center
Vandenberg Air Force Base, California USA

Original post: FO-29 weblog (Google translation)

FO-29 Recovered

Mineo JE9PELThe FO-29 Command Team reports from Japan that they have recovered the satellite after it had experienced a shutdown due to longer eclipse periods causing an undervoltage condition.

Ground station operators have placed FO-29 in a temporary, but stable configuration for further testing and recovery operations. They will test FO-29 while it is over Japan between December 23-25.

If no problems occur the Command Team will announce an operating schedule for the satellite for the remainder of 2011 and into the early part of 2012. Please standby for further news and announcements.

[PE0SAT thanks Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL for the above information]

FO-29 Eclipse Undervoltage Stops Operation

FO-29Information has been received that the FO-29 analog repeater is currently off the air. The eclipse periods have increased to the point exceeding 27% shadowing which causes an undervoltage fault to shut down the satellite.

The FO-29 control station sent commands to reactivate the satellite during daytime passes over Japan between October 8-10. Also at the present time the control station was experiencing computer hardware problems which slowed progress.

[Thanks Mineo, JE9PEL, for the above information]