More visual bandwith

More visual bandwidth thanks to an UHF to HF down converter in combination with the AFEDRI SDR. This combination will give me a 2Mhz wide spectrum on 70cm.

High Sierra Microwave Model 432M7The idea was, to use the bandwidth of the AFEDRI SDR in combination with a 70cm down converter. After searching the Internet I found the website from High Sierra Microwave and ordered the 432M7 SDR friendly down converters.


The Model 432M7 is designed using a two stage pHEMT MMIC LNA, each stage followed by a SAW filter, which provides over 75 dB of image rejection. It has a crystal controlled PLL local oscillator at 425 MHz, a double balanced mixer and IF filter. The low frequency IF of 7 to 13 MHz is a great fit for the many HF SDR receivers, such as the Softrock and SDR-IQ series.

AFEDRI High Sierra

Lets see how this down converter will perform in comparison to the FUNcube Dongle Pro+. As you may already now, I use SpectraVue together with my AFEDRI SDR and when one connects a down converter you can use the External Radio Setup. For this combination I use the following settings.

Custom Inverted IF = no
Custom Ext Center Freq = 435000000 Hz
Custom IF Center Freq = 10000000 Hz
Ext IF BW = 10000000 Hz

Lets see what this combination brings in the next couple of weeks. I hope this will make it easier to receive all the new satellites that have there downlink frequency above 436.000 Mhz. With this combination I should be able to receive the whole spectrum from 436.000 – 438.000 Mhz.

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New SDR# DDE plugin

There is a new SDR# DDETracker plugin.

Ian Gilmour (MM6DOS) has created an add-on to the excellent SDR# program which allows DDE compatible software to control the receive frequency in SDR# Required for best results to correct for the Doppler shift when working with satellites with for example: WXTrack, SatPC32 and Orbitron.

SDR DDETracker

The new version now also supports mode setting. I use this version in combination with SatPC32 and works great. Download the plugin via his website, copy two dll files and add the following to you SDRSharp.exe.Config file. (Newer SDR# version – Plugins.xml)

<add key="DDE Tracker" value="SDRSharp.DDETracker.DdeTrackingPlugin,SDRSharp.DDETracker" />

SDR# DDE Plugin: DDETracker (Version 5 beta: DDETracker V5 beta Binaries)

Update: 04-01-2014

The combination that is working for me, is SDR# Nightly build, the V5 beta binaries from Ian and SatPC32 V.12.8c. When talking to PA3GUO we found out that the current stable version (Rev 1000) isn’t working. When using SatPC32 the DDE interface is configured via the DivOptions.SQF file and I use the following settings:

- (1)
+ (2)
+ (3)
- (4)
- (5)
; Hints
; The  +/- signs in lines 1,2,3,4 and 5 allow manual changes of program
; options whiche cannot be done in the menu 'Setup' and its sub menus. 
; Don't forget to save possible changes, please!  
; All changes require a program re-start to take effect. 
; Line #1: Rotor and CAT steering functions
           +: are available in a 2nd program instance,
;          -: are not available in a 2nd instance (default),
; Line #2: The "general" DDE interface will output data
,          +: constantly, 
;          -: only when the satellites elevation is > 0 (default),
; Line #3: Frequency values sent by the DDE interface
;          +: do not include converter/transverter offsets (default),
;          -: include converter/transverter offsets, 
; Line #4: SatPC32 steers
;          +: only the Downlink frequency and mode,
;          -: Downlink and Uplink frequencies and modes (default)
; Line #5: Auxiliary files will be opened with
;          -: Notepad (default).                    
;          +: the build-in editor.