AAUSat-3 Telemetry

AAUSat-3 17 July 2013 18:47 UTC – 19:01 UTC
As always this small Cubesat is strong ….

AAUSat-3_14-07-2013 18:55 UTC

This is how AAUSat-3 sounds:

AAUSAT3 transmits CSP packets encapsulated in a custom space-link framing format. The radio subsystem works as a router, where subsystems communicate directly with the ground station server.

The spacelink frames start with a variable length training sequence (default 60 bytes), followed by a 6 byte syncword (“OZ3CUB”). The packet format supports two different packet lengths, either 25 or 86 bytes. A one byte Frame Size Marker (FSM) is used to differentiate between long and short packets. The FSM is 0xA6 for short frames and 0x59 for long frames.

Technical Details:

  • Frequency: 437.425 MHz (in LEOP we were at 437.450)
  • Frequency deviation: 9.6 kHz
  • Modulation Scheme: Gaussian 2FSK (BT=0.5)
  • Bitrate: 1200 to 19200 bps (default 2400 bps)
  • Callsign: OZ3CUB

I am not able to decode these signals because as far as I now there is no decoder available to the Amateur Radio community. Would be nice when University’s are using HAM radio frequency space that we the Ham radio community could benefit also.

Main website: AAUSat-3