Sound-Card Modem

AGWPE LogoI got a lot of questions regarding my Sound-Card modem setup, so I greated a webpage with information on how I try to decode the 9600 baud AX25 packets that are transmitted by STRaND-1. Follow this Sound-Card Modem link for details. For those who want to test there Sound-Card modem setup, I have places IQ wav files on a web server you can download and test your setup. Make sure the audio levels from your audio out/in are high enough. Use the Sound card tuning Aid that is build-in feature from AGW Packet Engine.

AGW Sound card tuning Aid

Details can be found at

AAUSat and STRaND-1 on february 26 2013 20:06 UTC, STRaND-1 on february 26 16:47 UTC and here is a complete pass IQ wav file (look at the sub directories and keep in mind that these files are 64, 124 and 200Mb in size and after decompressing a few hundred Mb)

Good luck with your setup and leave me a note if this is helpful.

73 Jan PE0SAT