VO-52 Dutch Transponder Switching ON

Update: 13-03-2012 16:04 CEST

Due to ‘Operational Constraints’ the commands to turn on the transponder were not been able to send. In-convenience caused is regretted. The next attempt would be made during 01:44 UT pass over India. On behalf of ‘Operations Director-VO-52 Mani, VU2WMY

Subsequent to the clearance by the ‘Expert committee’ the Transponder # 2 (The Dutch Transponder made by William Leijenaar PE1RAH) on board HAMSAT VO-52 would be switched ‘ON’ at 13:42 UT on 13.03.2012 during orbit # 37080 over India.

A ‘Critical Comparative Signal Report’ between the Indian and Dutch transponder would be of great help for further evaluations and necessary actions for the maintenance the transponder in good and healthy condition for better services and also, the inputs would be very valuable to the respective transponder designers.

We all hope, Williams PE1RAH would be very happy with our decision and behalf of every one here in India involved with project, wish Williams and his transponder, once again all the very best and good luck.

Uplink frequency : 435.25 MHz
Downlink frequency : 145.9 MHz
Beacon : CW at 145.859330 MHz (145.86 MHz)
Output level of Beacon : 18 dBm

Thanks to AMSAT-India (Nitin VU3TYG) for the all the help and co-ordination provided.

My first pass will be at 19:45 CEST I will give it a try and see how it is working

VO52 Pass at 13-03-2012 19:45 CEST

Update 13-03-2012 14:30 CEST:

In an email exchange between me and William (PE1RAH) it became clear to me that this is the first time in seven year that the Dutch transponder will beactivated. Compared to the Indian transponder, when the dutch transponder is active a CW signal can be heard on the beacon frequency.

[PE0SAT Thanks Mani, VU2WMY and PE1RAH for the above information]