FO-29 Recovered

Mineo JE9PELThe FO-29 Command Team reports from Japan that they have recovered the satellite after it had experienced a shutdown due to longer eclipse periods causing an undervoltage condition.

Ground station operators have placed FO-29 in a temporary, but stable configuration for further testing and recovery operations. They will test FO-29 while it is over Japan between December 23-25.

If no problems occur the Command Team will announce an operating schedule for the satellite for the remainder of 2011 and into the early part of 2012. Please standby for further news and announcements.

[PE0SAT thanks Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL for the above information]

PCSat-1 recovery

PCSat-1 NO-44NAV OSCAR 44 – PCSat (Recovery)

Starting Monday Morning (Dec 26, 2011), I will be trying to recover PCSAT. We need everyone to not use it until we give up. Just one single packet from a user during a pass will easily kill that pass’s chance of recovery. We only get one single packet chance per pass for recovery. Only when the call PCSAT-1 is readable in the beacon, the digipeater is active. So everyone, turn off those automatic beacons via PCSAT until further notice.