Launch Minotaur 1 ORS-3

Launch information regarding the Minotaur 1 ORS-3 on November 19th, 2013 (EST).
(The launch window UTC begins on 00:30 – November 20th, 2013)

Minotaur-1The rocket will launch the Air Force’s Operationally Responsive Space Office’s ORS-3 mission, which features the deployment of 29 satellites in space. The launch window is 00:30 to 02:30 UTC The backup launch days run through November 26.

The Minotaur’s primary payload is the Space Test Program Satellite-3 (STPSat-3), an Air Force technology-demonstration mission. Thirteen small cubesats aboard are being provided through NASA’s Cubesat Launch Initiative. Among the cubesats is NASA’s Small Satellite Program PhoneSat 2 second generation smartphone mission. Also included is the first cubesat built by high school students.

Live coverage of the launch is available via UStream beginning at 23:30 UTC

It would be great if we have some preliminary TLE data available so we can try and receive the satellites that are part of the NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative.

Thanks to the work of Satou Tetsurou – JA0CAW, we have the following table with known frequencies. If there are errors in it, please let me know via the contact form.

Update: November 17th, 2013 With the help of DK3WN and other helpful radio amateurs the list is updated with new information.

Minotaur-1 Elana4 launch 00:30 UTC November 20th, 2013
Satellite Downlink Mode
CAPE-2 145.825 1k2 AFSK, AX.25 xx sec interval / CW
DragonSat-1 145.870 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 30 sec interval
TetherSat 437.100 9k6 FSK, AX.25, xx sec interval
Hooponopono-2 437.220 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 15 sec interval
COPPER 437.290 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 10 sec interval
Vermont Lunar 437.305 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 60 sec interval
TetherSat-2 437.305 9k6 FSK, AX.25, xx sec interval
TJ3Sat 437.320 CW beep every 13.5 sec, CW ident every 10 minutes
CAPE-2 437.325 1k2 AFSK, AX.25 xx sec interval / CW
Black Knight-1 437.345 No beacon, only active on GS request
SwampSat 437.385 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 60 sec interval
KYSat-2 437.405 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 15 sec interval in sunlight
ChargerSat-1 437.405 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 10 sec interval
Trailblazer-1 437.425 9k6 FSK, AX.25, 50 sec interval
PhoneSat-v24 437.425 1k2 AFSK, AX.25 30 sec interval (150s charging mode)
NPS-SCAT 437.525 1k2 AFSK, AX.25, 5 min interval

Elana4 Map