Finally got my PK-96 working

AEA-PK96PK-96 and TS-2000X

After some debugging and measurements, I finally got my PK-96 working with my Kenwood TS-2000X where I use the TS-2000X ACC2 connector. The problem was that when one uses pin 13 PTT the TX audio from the PK-96 is muted. This pin is normally used for a foot switch and not for an external modem. So after I switched pin 13 to pin 9 on the ACC2 connector everything was working. ISS packet here I come.

Image pin function remark
PK-96-Audio-connector 1 TX audio to radio
2 GND ground
3 PTT push to talk
4 RX audio from radio
5 SQ squelch
Image pin function remark
TS-2000-ACC2 1 RX audio sub radio
2 RTTY key input
3 RX audio main radio
4 GND ground
5 SQ squelch main radio
6 NC not connected
7 SQ squelch sub radio
8 GND ground
9 PTT push to talk, audio not muted
10 NC not connected
11 TX audio in radio
12 GND ground
13 PTT push to talk audio is muted