Cubesats on Falcon 9

Cubesats on the Falcon 9 SpaceX CRS-3 mission. Current launch date and time is 18-04-2014 19:25 UTC.

P-POD Satellite Name Organization Size Beacon Details Info
1 SporeSat NASA Ames Research Center, Santa Clara University, Purdue University, and University of Texas 3U 437.1 MHz, AX.25, every 5 seconds. Amateur radio operators are encouraged to submit received beacon packets through the mission website to receive a web-based QSL card. More Info
3A TSAT Taylor University 2U More Info
3B PhoneSat-v2.5 NASA Ames Research Center 1U 437.425 MHz, AFSK, 30 second period whilst operational, 150 second beacon in charging mode More Info
4 ALL-STAR/THEIA Colorado Space Grant Consortium at the University of Colorado at Boulder 3U 2.4017 GHz S-Band Antenna, BPSK, every 15 seconds More Info
6 Kick Sat Cornell University 3U KickSat: 437.505 MHz, 1200 Baud, AFSK, AD.25 Packets
ChipSats: 437.240 MHz, Custom Protocol
More Info