UWE-3 Temporary end of operations

UWE-3 BatchToday, more than one year after launch, there will be a temporary end of operations caused by the end of funding.

However, UWE-3 is in a very good health condition with fully charged batteries and operations may be continued depending on future research plans.

Without any reception from ground, UWE-3 will carry out a warm reset every four days and switch regularly between the redundant on-board processors and radios. Therefore, UWE-3 will switch back to its nominal frequency of 437,385 MHz.

Nevertheless we appreciate the extensive support we received from the HAM amateurs in the past and hope that also in the future the status of UWE-3 will be monitored with your support, like you did so many times in the past year. Thank you so much for the very helpful cooperation in this respect!

Yours sincerely,

UWE-3 Team

UWE-3 Telemetry

UWE-3 Data Download 16-09-2014 18:02 UTC


Only a 4 minute pass and a load of frames received and forwarded with the UWE-3 online decoder. Frequency 436.395 Mhz +/- doppler, FM modulation 15kHz bandwidth.



UWE-3 News

Software update in Space

This week we successfully updated the flight software on the On-Board-Computer (OBC) of UWE-3. The redundant OBC of UWE-3 is capable to receive, store and flash software-updates while the satellite itself stays fully functional. After transmitting the software to UWE-3 we flashed the redundant micro-controller via the JTAG EEM cross connection and toggled the satellite to the controller running the new software.


After the software update the redundant controller seamlessly continued operations, now with new features available. Extended functionalities include support for additional measurements and experiments as well as new beacon frames.

As a very first test we initiated the new message beacon yesterday.

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