First E1P-U2 Recording

I have recorded the following from Explorer-1 [PRIME] I couldn’t decode the data and when I listen to it, I hope I am doing something wrong because it doesn’t sound right.

Audio recording of E1P-U2 at 28-10-2011 12:40 UTC: audio

The signal was very strong ( 9+30db) frequentie used 437.505 MHz FM.

Prospero Audio Files

Prospero audio files recorded on 20, 21 and 24 october 2011. During the recordings I switch sometime from RHCP to LHCP, AM to FW, USB and LSB but most of the recording are in AM modulation.

Prospero-20-10-2011-1854CEST.wav 11,3 MB (No longer available)
Prospero-21-10-2011-1906CEST.wav 92,3 MB (No longer available)
Prospero-24-10-2011-1755CEST.wav 24,1 MB (No longer available)

Maybe someone can perform some further analyses to see if there are other signals then the ones from the ORBCOMM satellites.