ISS Amateur Radio CubeSats to Deploy

New ISS Cubesat deployment date, October 4th, 2012

First 14:30-14:40 UTC: Order of WE-WISH, RAIKO by Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide.
Second 15:35-15:45 UTC: Order of TechEdSat, NanoRack/F-1, FITSAT-1 by JAXA GS.

ISS Cubesats deployment September 27, 2012

J-SSODJAXA have announced the deployment of five CubeSats from the International Space Station (ISS) planned for  Thursday, September 27 at around 15:10 UTC and will be broadcast live on the web.

The CubeSats are mounted in a JEM-Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD). In one pod are FITSAT-1, TechEdSat and F-1 (NanoRacks) and in the second pod is WE-WISH and a scientific 2U CubeSat RAIKO.

FITSat 1 (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)
High-speed data test, high power LED visual tracking
CW Beacon 437.250 MHz,
FM Data   437.445 MHz,
High speed data 5840.00 MHz.

TechEdSat (NASA Ames) downlink on 437.465 MHz.
It is also carrying SatPhone ground station hardware and had planned to transmit from space using frequencies allocated to ground stations to communicate via the Iridium and Orbcomm satellite phone networks. This would have been a first for a CubeSat, however, a statement from the team says: “We were forced to disable the Iridium modem as our FCC license did not come in time. As usual, building the satellite is the easy part.”

F-1 (FPT University) – Information for Radio Amateurs
On-board camera for earth observation mission
Yaesu VX-3R 1, 437.485 MHz FM downlink:
o Solar cell power only, operates in sunlight only
o Output power: between 0.1W and 0.3W depending on illumination, half-wave dipole antenna
o Morse code beacon (10 chars) using FM CW every 30 seconds, listen here

Yaesu VX-3R 2, 145.980 MHz FM downlink:
o Rechargeable battery, operates in dark and sunlight
o Output power: max 1.0W, half-wave dipole antenna
o AFSK 1200bps, half duplex, one AX.25 packet every 60 seconds

WE-WISH (Meisei Electric Co., Ltd.)
Infrared camera for environmental studies
Downlink on 437.505 MHz

ISS Kibo Launch

[PE0SAT Thanks amsat-bb and JE9PEL for this information]

André Kuipers active as PI9ISS

Ham Radio PI9ISS Andre-Kuipers

This evening PI9ISS (André Kuipers) was active from the ISS space station. The signal was loud and clear but there were many stations that wanted to make a connection so for me this time it wasn’t possible to make a connection. During the pass at 19:30 CEST we will give it another try.


145.800 MHz (FM)


145.200 FM MHz (FM)

ISS Performs Debris Avoidance Maneuver

Check Your Keps: ISS Performs Debris Avoidance Maneuver

UniverseToday reports that the ISS needed to perform a maneuver on Friday, January 13 to avoid debris from the 2009 collision between an inactive Russian Cosmos 2251 satellite and a commercial Iridium satellite.

ISS After Undocking STS134U.S. Space Command recommended the space station perform a debris avoidance maneuver on Friday, January 13, 2012 to move out of harms’ way and dodge a possible collision with the piece of space junk, said to be about 10 centimeters in diameter. The thrusters on the Zvezda service module fired at 1610 UTC on Friday to raise the orbit of the ISS.

Without the maneuver, the object would have made two close approaches to the station on consecutive orbits on Friday, passing within the “pizza box” shaped region around the station, measuring 0.75 kilometers above and below the station and 25 kilometers on each side (2,460 feet above and below and 15.6 by 15.6 miles).

A higher orbit for the ISS means that AOS will occur at a slightly later time than those predicted in existing Keplerian Elements. Users are encourage to update their tracking elements to maintain tracking accuracy.

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André Kuipers ready for takeoff

The dutch astronaut André Kuipers is ready for takeoff.

Andre Kuipers in space

Another two days and then for the second time Andre Kuipers will leaves to the International Space Station. A historic journey, because Kuipers will break various records. Thus he becomes the first Dutch astronaut in space for a  long time, which is nearly six months. He is also the first Dutch astronaut who is launched for a second time. Other Dutch astronauts – Dr. Ockels and Louis van den Berg were “only” launched once.

As it looks now, the launch is on. The rocket is already on the launch pad and the sky over Baikonur space base is crystal clear. “Although it is very cold, so spectators should properly protect” warns Kuipers on his blog

In recent days there were many preparations for the voyage. Andre Kuipers and his colleagues had to inspect the Soyuzcapsule for the second time. This capsule brings Kuipers to the ISS. “We are very pleased. In a few days, this is will be our living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and attic for two days. Actually, it is also the hall – with the door – to our realhome for half year: the International Space Station. ”

The launch of André Kuipers can be seen live next Wednesday 21-dec-2011 on dutch television channel: Netherland 1 (13:20 pm to 14:45 o’clock CEST). You can follow Andre on any of his social media (Twitter or Facebook).

During his stay in the International Space Station, radio amateurs will have the opportunity to make a voice contact. Andre will be using the call PI9ISS and will use the following frequencies:


145.800 MHz (FM)


145.200 MHz (FM)

Homepage and other references:

Blog webpage
Twitter page ( astro_andre )

ISS 70cm Packet active

70cm Amateur Station Active on Packet from ISS Columbus Module

ISS After Undocking STS134The amateur radio station located in the Columbus module is currently operational with the UHF Ericsson transceiver and packet system using the frequency of 437.550 MHz. To utilize the packet system, operators need to set the UNPROTO path to ARISS (the id is RS0ISS) for digi relay or they may connect to the BBS using the callsign RS0ISS-1. The packet beacon is set for 2 minute intervals so it may not appear to be active over many parts of the world but keep listening and mind the Doppler shift (+ or – 10 KHz).

[thanks Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO for the above information]