Proposal to NASA for Fox-1 Launch

NASA LogoAMSAT submitted a proposal to NASA for their CubeSat Launch Initiative, also known as the ‘Educational Launch of NanoSat’ (ELaNa) program. NASA selects projects that they deem to have merit in support of their strategic and educational goals. Projects that are selected will be able to enter into a collaboration agreement where NASA will cover the integration and launch costs of the satellite.

AMSAT, working with ARRL, highlighted the educational merit of the project including the incorporation of Fox-1 into the ARRL Teacher Institute seminars. ARRL also provided a letter of support for the project that was a key component of our proposal.

The Clay Center for Science and Technology at the Dexter and Southfield schools in Brookline MA, also provided a letter of support that was an important part of our proposal. The Clay Center noted that they use AMSAT satellites such as ARISSat-1 in their educational activities for K-12 students and that they look forward to making use of Fox-1. The completed proposal, at 159 total pages, required a significant effort that was all done by volunteers. NASA will select from all of the submissions and announce the winning projects by January 30, 2012.

Tony Monteiro, AA2TX
AMSAT Vice-President of Engineering

AubieSat-1 Designated AO-71

AubieSat-1 Designated AO-71

AubieSat-1OSCAR Number Administrator, Bill Tynan, W3XO reports that he has ad- vised
J. M. Wersinger, PhD, KI4YAU, Professor Emeritus and Director of Auburn
University’s Student Space Program, that following the successful NASA ELaNa
III launch on October 28, 2011 of AubieSat-1, and by the request of the
AubieSat-1 team, the new satellite has been assigned an OSCAR number. Professor Wersinger documented that telemetry has been received from the satellite. The IARU-Sat Website states that AubieSat-1 was fully coordinated with the IARU. Bill wrote, “Therefore, by the authority vested in me by the AMSAT-NA President, I hereby designate AubieSat-1 as AubieSat Oscar 71 or AO-71 and welcome this newest OSCAR into the Amateur Radio satellite commun- ity. On behalf of AMSAT-NA and the world’s amateur radio satellite community, I congratulate Professor Wersinger, Auburn University and all of those responsible for building, testing and launching this new CubeSat. May its mission meet with success.”

[Thanks OSCAR Number Administrator, Bill Tynan, W3XO for the above

Elana-III Cubesat TLE Lottery

TLE LotteryThe search for the right TLE information has begun. After a launch, it’s always figuring out which objects in correspond to which satellite.

The first initial reports are available. Keep in mind when using these data, they will quickly change until the object information is linked to the correct satellite.

We suspect OBJECT B to be ?
We suspect OBJECT C to be ?
We suspect OBJECT D to be ?

We suspect OBJECT E to be RAX-2

We suspect OBJECT F to be DICE
We suspect OBJECT G to be E1P

Space Track 02-11-2011 17:29 UTC

1 37850U 11061B   11305.51394459 +.00000487 +00000-0 +51357-4 0 00087
2 37850 101.7040 237.2054 0255998 281.2563 075.9820 14.77492974000595
1 37851U 11061C   11306.52970872  .00006612  00000-0  54567-3 0    79
2 37851 101.7029 238.6826 0255867 278.7162 078.5097 14.77513975   743
1 37852U 11061D   11306.52971894  .00011164  00000-0  91731-3 0    66
2 37852 101.6977 238.6724 0254624 278.8801 078.3646 14.77522609   745
1 37853U 11061E   11305.92013487  .00009089  00000-0  74764-3 0    65
2 37853 101.6959 237.7989 0254900 280.7163 076.5435 14.77552774   651
1 37854U 11061F   11306.52898599  .00014110  00000-0  11481-2 0    87
2 37854 101.6996 238.6806 0254637 278.7716 078.4718 14.77753179   735
1 37855U 11061G   11305.51340081 -.00000195  00000-0 -36404-5 0    67
2 37855 101.6989 237.2087 0256557 281.4195 075.8285 14.77694693   587

Prospero Audio Files

Prospero audio files recorded on 20, 21 and 24 october 2011. During the recordings I switch sometime from RHCP to LHCP, AM to FW, USB and LSB but most of the recording are in AM modulation.

Prospero-20-10-2011-1854CEST.wav 11,3 MB (No longer available)
Prospero-21-10-2011-1906CEST.wav 92,3 MB (No longer available)
Prospero-24-10-2011-1755CEST.wav 24,1 MB (No longer available)

Maybe someone can perform some further analyses to see if there are other signals then the ones from the ORBCOMM satellites.

Prospero spectogram

Prospero Spectrum 21-10-2011This is one of the spectrograms that I have made the last couple of days, but no idea if it is from prospero. We will try again the next couple of days. Downlink frequentie 137.560 MHz and PCM modulated signal.

There is a possible explanation for the signals that I receive and can be seen in the spectrogram. This are probably signals that are transmitted by ORBCOMM. The 57k6 broadcasts of the ORBCOMM satellites. The frequency 137.560 was received by the ORBCOMM organisation after Prospero was no longer active on that frequentie.

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Re-contact Prospero

Prospero X3A team in the UK are trying to re-contact an old British launched satellite for the anniversary of its launch (28th October 1971). We’ve been given a licence to transmit and will be testing our  re-engineered ground-segment in the next fortnight. The passes we are going to concentrate on will be as far out west as possible, as to minimise QRM from Europe.

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