POPSAT-HIP1 Thanks PE0SAT from space.

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POPSAT- HIP1 CW beacons

07:43 UTC over Minsk
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.34v 37c

09:11 UTC
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.33v 30c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.32v 31c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.34v 32c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.32v 33c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.34v 34c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.36v 35c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.33v 36c
popsat tnx PE0SAT 7.34v 37c

Thanks Rainer and Mike for receiving and recording this CW and making it available.

CO-66 (SEEDS) Telemetry

CO-66 (SEEDS) Telemetry 28-09-2014 18:36 UTC

JQ1YGU SEEDS G45959A1D8D83FFE134003000000002002A55A74AA00001100030002000400044F74E54030
JQ1YGU SEEDS G45959A59ED31FFE00000300000000162CA60A68AB00001100030002000400044F75E54034
JQ1YGU SEEDS G45959A954D39FFE0026A40000006E3ADAA61A4FABA0001100030002000400044F76ES4055