Problems with AO-27

Problems with AO-27 (Eyesat)

AO27 Eyesat Model

On Oct 5, 2012 AO-27 went off-line and the ground station team is trying to recover the Satellite. The attempt failed and at the moment the ground crew is in the middle of a new attempt to get AO-27 operational again. All the information can be found on the AO-27 website. The last news from Oct, 18th gives us the following information:

We tried to do a restart of the high level code today which did not work out. We left the transmitter on to drain the batteries in hopes of clearing any latch ups. On the next pass, we could turn the bird back on so it survived the battery draining. The modem problem was back and we got that cleared. Its back up on the secondary bootloader.

[PE0SAT Thanks N3UC for the above information]

Homepage and other references:

AO-27 website.